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Interior Design

My philosophy is, "Design should be an experience that brings joy through the entire process"
a statement, I believe, honestly makes a Design Professional respected i
n the industry.

As an Interior Designer, I have found it to be a very rewarding profession because not only do I get to do what I love, but I get to help people and connect them with the perfect new additions to their homes. 


Regardless if it is as simple as putting a fresh coat of paint on the wall to liven up a space, changing out some tired old furniture, or helping determine color and material choices, I am here to help!


The pleasure I get from helping people through their design challenges and those who simply just don't quite know what they want, is by far the most gratifying part of my job. Therefore, making the designing experience simplified, inexpensive and stress-free is of the utmost priority to me.


Whether you have just one room that needs a special touch or make-over, or an entire home you want transformed, as you invite me into your home I will treat each and every client with the same passion, values, and respect I give to my family. I look forward to working with you!

Experts in Transforming Your Spaces

Are you eager to elevate your home, revamp your kitchen and bathroom, or create entirely new spaces? Whether you're embarking on a remodel or simply seeking a fresh look, we've got you covered.

At Biggs Construction & Design, we offer personalized and seamless guidance throughout every step of the process. Let us turn your vision into reality.
Meet the Team
Cory Biggs, Builder
& Kate Biggs, Designer Stylist

Discover the dynamic duo behind the magic of Biggs Construction & Design. Cory, the skilled builder, and Kate, the creative designer stylist, bring passion and expertise to every project.

We thrive on collaborating with individuals who possess a vision but may need assistance in bringing it to life. Our unique talent lies in understanding your preferences and crafting concept boards that vividly illustrate how everything comes together. Your dream space is just a step away.

Ready to embark on your transformation journey?

Let's create something extraordinary together.

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